Search Engine Optimization

Are you searching for an SEO company in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR. Someone for boosting your business online. Search Engine optimization is the soul of an online explanation of any business. Junipero IT solution Pvt Ltd gives you a professional and research-based SEO agency in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR.

When you search for anything on Google search engine and the top few companies make a mark on your head, it means they are making an impression and expanding their business.

We can say that our SEO company in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR is to enhance your website content and user-friendly with search engines and building various links to make an impression.

What Junipero IT as an SEO agency in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR Provide?

Keywords Researching

As a leading SEO company in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR, firstly, we ensure your focus keyword optimization and researching it for your website.

Alteration of MetaData

Making a change or alteration in your metadata could enhance your content, and by doing this, we have the best talents and professionally certified SEO service experts.

Modification of Internal Link of Text

Here, we deal with decreasing the bounce rate of the website and makes a visiter to find more ideas related to his searching keywords, and for it, Junipero IT creates SEO strategies.

Reports of Status/Ranking

Every day and live analysis of website ranking is the amendatory process for a Digital marketing agency. Online and offline reports and status ensure that the strategies implemented are relevant.

Content Writing

As a leading SEO agency in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR Junipero, Make those types of content that not only elaborate the product but make an impression on the audience for long-lasting.


For an On page seo, we follow the google standard and our researches. It could be different for every website.

Permalink URLS

First of all, we work on permalink URLs for their short and with keywords type of links. We also ensure that the URLs not weighted too much.

Multimedia and graphics

Our second step is to include high-quality graphics and multimedia content to reduce the bounce rate on site. It is also an essential factor for google ranking.

Title & Keywords

The selection of title and keywords is petty important. A study shows higher keyword density plays a vital role in google ranking.

External and Internal link

An external link provide the necessary traffic juice to our website—an outbound link from an authority site such as Wikipedia and wiki how helps to increase relevancy signals. Internal links do the same work; to engage your client on the website, we provide all internal links.

Relevant & Long Content

Searched keyword should appear in the first 100 words. Its relevance matters. A full fletched rich and original content gives reliability for your site and hence helps in google ranking.

Social Sharing

Social sharing are playing an essential role in search engine logarithm. More than 70% of traffic are from social sharing, and allowing your link or content sharable on social media could increase traffic and sales.

Speed & H1 Tag

As we are the experts in Search engine optimization, So we work on all aspects for on-page seo.Speed, H1 tag keywords, Modifiers, LSI word also.


Along with On-page SEO, Work is half done with optimizing it on Off-page. Here we follow all google instructions and our research.

Google places

We provide all necessary information on our website to google for business listing such as logo, bio, Services, and locations.

Local Listing & Directories

Not only google, but we also list for all significant local listing like Bing, Yahoo, etc. We also registered websites on local directories as well as forums, and we are consistent with it.