Converting a PSD format or photoshop format website into HTML is the process of Convert from image to coding language such as HTML, CSS and javascript. We can also swap a PSD file or photoshop file with any other image editor like GIMP, PNG and others.

While designing a website a converting PSD files into HTML is one of the essential processes to get rid the heaviness from the site and make it lite and easy to operate. A photoshop document is the most popular software for image creation and editing. We can edit the image, Enhance it and make a frame from it. Conversion of PSD into HTML is a specialized job performed by developers only.

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PSD to HTML conversion is needed because we have a lot more freedom with graphic designing in photoshop and can show a lot of creativity. But it makes site little heavy and therefore we convert it into coding languages like HTML, Javascript.

Junipero IT solution Pvt Ltd is one of the famous website designers in Gurgaon, and Delhi NCR provides you with the flowless Service of converting your PSD websites into coding languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript and others. We follow some of the underlying implementation processors to do the conversion.

Automated tools

We use some of the automated tools for basic conversation and of PSD into HTML. But for advance, we do it manually.

Self coding

for the advance convention, we have some of the highly experienced qualified developers to do the coding things.

The element of conversion

Logo, Header, Menu, Submenus, Body Background, Navigation Menu and Footer are the basics of conversion from PSD to HTML.